Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laying in Wait

With all the new and exciting climbing at Lincoln Lake, there is little reason to go anywhere else. However, there is one boulder problem at Mt. Evans, which I have been wanting to try, ever since I first saw it in the classic Colorado bouldering film "Colorado Daydream".

Laying in Wait v8 - Excerpt from Colorado Daydream

So it turns out you don't need to do that crazy move, and I'm guessing not very many people do unless they have short arms.

Photo by Brock Jensen

But this is truly an amazing boulder problem. One of my favorites in Colorado, and certainly the best slab I have climbed to date. I would recommend it to anyone, specially those looking for something a little different.


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You will come to a parking area and Laying in Wait is just uphill in the trees. It will be visible on your right as your drivng into the parking area.

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