Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Some more back blogging, this time from Washington.  After getting rained out in Squamish, I bailed to Leavenworth for a couple of weeks in October.

Rob Guinn flashing Pimpsqueak v9.
Maybe the best problem in Leavenworth.

Rob and I also spent a day in Gold Bar.  It was cool to see the area and climb a few problems.  The rock quality in Gold Bar was very good, just like I had been told.  The rock and the setting, specially in the forest, reminded me quite a lot of Squamish.  Will be nice to get back there and also check out Index.
The moss covered forest of Gold Bar, WA.
Karma is probably thinking, "why am I suppose to stand on this log?"

On my last day in Leavenworth I managed to do the first ascent of a project on the backside of the shield boulder in lower forestland.  Autopilot starts on Cruise Control, and climbs up and left across the face.  I think its around v11, but I'm never very sure about grades.  Perhaps it is more difficult.

Sam Johnson put together a nice video over at Koan Bouldering

Autopilot FA from Sam Johnson on Vimeo.

I also made a quick stop at an area called Tum Tum.  Named after the nearby city, Tum Tum is a small area close to Spokane.  The rock there is ok, and there are some cool problems.  It's not a destination, but if your around Spokane and want to do a little bouldering, check it out!

Here is a photo of a fun new problem I did in Tum Tum.  I'm calling Rule of Thumb, in reference to a key thumb catch (kind of a week connection but whatever).  It's probably around v10.
Rule of Thumb v10, TumTum, WA.
Photo Jon Eastman
Now I'm back in Colorado for a month of work.  Then back west!


View of Squamish from on top of the Chief

After going without a computer for a couple months, I finally have a new laptop. Now I can share some photos from my time in Squamish during the summer and early fall.

By the water
Alex Savage attempting the very tall "World of Hurt", v10
All you can eat sushi in Vancouver!  (sorry about my bad aim Asher)
Me working on Black Slabath, v8.
Photo Brooks Walker

And more sushi!
Sarah Clark warming up on Titanic, v3.

And then at the Fuzz, contemplating the nature of the universe?
Me climbing Ride the Waves, V7.
Photo Alex Savage

Mr. Chipmunk