Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mt. Evans

It's been a couple months since my last post, but thats just the way it is sometimes. I've been busy with all sorts of things, working, climbing, helping family move things across the country, etc. Increasingly i'm spending more of my time at Mt. Evans, my favorite of the alpine bouldering areas. Lincoln Lake has been the primary destination. Getting the finger back to strength, hanging out with friends, and avoiding rain.

My first day at Lincoln, just after the summit road opened up, I was actually planning to ski at A-basin. For whatever reason, I ended up going to Lincoln instead with Ivelin Penchev. I had no crash pad with me, but I did have my skies, and the hillside above the lake was still covered with snow. What better way to approach?

Ivo took video and provided me with a screen capture. You may have to click on the Image to make it big enough to actually see me.

As I got towards the bottom, I noticed Karma running across the hillside towards me. I had sent her with Ivo, thinking it might be hard for her to follow me, but I guess she got pscyhed and wanted to join in. Karma followed behind me the rest of the way and we cruised right up to the beginning of the boulders.

Snow on one side, beach on the other. After enough snow melts, the water level rises and this boulder goes under water for the remainder of the season.

Me climbing Beach Party Sit v4.

Photo Chad Nichols

Me climbing Lincoln Pinch v6, while snow is still covering the death landing.

Photo Ivelin Penchev

Nik Vukovich doing backflips off of boulders. For some reason...

Rest days are great for exploring the other parts of the mountain. There are always more boulders to check out if your willing to hike far enough. Usually the view is pretty nice too, and lots of wildlife.

Chicago Lakes.

John Gass sticking the lip, instead of crushing Karma.

Taking in the view.

The other side of the mountain.

Chilling in the meadows.

Can't forget the goats!

A little one.

A big one.