Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Boulders

A lot has happened since I last blogged. I climbed a few boulders, I climbed two 14ers (big boulders), I tied into a rope (medium sized boulders), and my good friends Dusty & Kristy got married. Congratulations!

After the wedding, my friends Jon & Danielle stuck around and we planned an ambitious trip:

Day 1: Boulder at Mt. Evans
Day 2: Summit Mt. Evans
Day 3: Climb at the Monestary
Day 4: Climb at the Monestary

Which turned into a slightly less ambition trip:

Day 1: Boulder at Mt. Evans
Day 2: Summit Grays & Torreys (easier than Evans)
Day 3: Boulder at Rotary Park
Day 4: Climb at the Monestary

Hiking Grays and Torreys were my first and second 14ers. I should note though, the two peaks are separated by a saddle that drops just a thousand or two feet, making it not that hard to bag both in one hike. Still, no walk in the park if you ask me. Unless the park is RMNP...

As for Karma, apparently someone forgot to tell her that 14ers are suppose to be difficult, since she kept getting bored during the ordeal. This was evident by comments like, "is that your dog running back over to Grays!?" while I was trying to take pictures from atop Torreys.

Despite Karma's no big deal attitude, and my this is a really big deal attitude, we managed to summit both peaks and return to camp by around noon. It was a great time, and I expect there will be more such hikes in my future.

Starting off:

Torreys from grays:

On the summit of Torreys:

Karma finding some snow to play in:

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