Monday, August 2, 2010

Mt. Evans

Weather hasn't been real cooperative, but I'v managed to get a up to Lincoln Lake at Mt. Evans quite a bit recently.

Lincoln Lake

There is a massive talus field at Lincoln, with many large boulders laying against each other. The feel is less like other areas I'v been to at Evans and more reminiscent of the jumbled talus of Chaos canyon. As you might expect, navigation around the boulders can be a bit involved, and the landings range from pretty good to horrific.

Here is a video of me falling off the end of the sit to Unshackled, v10/11.

A cool compression prow I put up on my first day at Lincoln. I called it Contact and its probably in the v6 range.

Photo by Brock Jensen

Refilling on water and soaking in the view down by the lake.

After a day of bouldering, we drove further up the road to have a look around and saw some goats hanging out near summit lake.

The goats running up to the ridge after seeing Karma

Look at the little ones! Aww.

Evans summit road

Driving back down the mountain after sunset

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