Saturday, October 23, 2010

Joe's Valley

I can't remember the last year where I haven't spent a significant amount of time in Joe's Valley, and this year is no different. Joe's is one of my favorite climbing areas, along with Squamish. Interestingly these two areas couldn't be more different from each other. Maybe It's the extremes that attracts me.

Anyways, I'm here in Joe's, working on new things and old things. It has been very rainy, and I haven't been able to climb nearly as much as I have wanted to. Today again it's raining, and it looks worse tomorrow. Hopefully the weather improves for some some good conditions before I have to get back to Colorado for work.

Thanks to Axel and Katinka I have some pictures to share of a couple of very good climbs in Joe's.

AFA (American Freedom Association) v2. This is very fun problem on perfect rock, with a committing finish. One of my favorite easier problems in Joe's. You can find it by hiking a few minutes up the wash behind the UMWA boulder. It will be on your left, sitting in the wash.

Fiery Furnace v10. This is a very good, but overlooked problem in the Hulk area. Just hike a minute or two past Dirty Harry and you will come across a beautifully face reminiscent of hooters, but more enjoyable to climb on. Some techy moves lead to a very large Dyno, or various static methods. Despite baking in the sun, Axel and I both managed to send. Neither of us did the big jump.



Axel also sent the tree at Big Joe.