Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lumpy Ridge

Saturday I went bouldering at Lumpy Ridge with some friends. Lumpy is typically regarded as a trad climbing area, but has some decent bouldering as well. Typically I avoid places I can't bring my dog, but decided that a day there would be fun. Just had to make sure not to leave too many projects to draw me back.

The day turned out to be great weather, and we climbed a number of Lumpy classics. Dan got some footage of me on Angry Man Left v7 or 8; the short, classic, and less angry of the angry men. The crux for me was keeping this left heal hook from slipping off while making my way to the jug lip of the boulder. In the end I decided I would just swing-campus out to the lip before the foot had a chance to pop. So maybe not the most graceful, but hey, it worked!

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