Tuesday, November 8, 2011


View of Squamish from on top of the Chief

After going without a computer for a couple months, I finally have a new laptop. Now I can share some photos from my time in Squamish during the summer and early fall.

By the water
Alex Savage attempting the very tall "World of Hurt", v10
All you can eat sushi in Vancouver!  (sorry about my bad aim Asher)
Me working on Black Slabath, v8.
Photo Brooks Walker

And more sushi!
Sarah Clark warming up on Titanic, v3.

And then at the Fuzz, contemplating the nature of the universe?
Me climbing Ride the Waves, V7.
Photo Alex Savage

Mr. Chipmunk

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  1. I really like your photos and the places you visit!!
    Alex (Spain)