Monday, August 8, 2011

Mt. Evans 2

Echo Lake

My time in Colorado is over the for the summer. Moving on to Squamish, one of my favorite bouldering destinations. For now though, I still have some things to share from some great least weeks in the Colorado alpine area, Mt Evans.

Lincoln Lake

I put up a fun problem on the smallish boulder behind Guillotine. It's called Lincoln Egg, in reference to its remarkable similarity to the Egg in Squamish. Just a bit easier at around v6.

Jason getting ready to do the crux.

Paul sticking the lunge to the lip.

Jason and his pup.

This summer so far has been mostly about getting back in shape, but I managed to get one of my projects done as well.
Bebe Wolverine v12

Bebe Wolverine from Paul Nadler on Vimeo.

I spent several days climbing up at area E also. I repeated a couple of problems and put a few new ones.

This problem is on the back side of the Cell Block E boulder.
FA of Entangled V7

Entangled v7 from BS on Vimeo.

You can see some other awesome problems on the Cell Block E boulder at on Ben Scott's Vimeo page.

A little further up and to the left you can find this amazing compression problem.
FA of Boomerang v5.

Boomerang from Paul Nadler on Vimeo.

As expected, there were plenty of goats wandering around.

What I didn't expect however, was I would be adding to my list of less than ideal ways to be woken up. Previously the list included other people driving into my car. Now I can also add, waking up to a bear walking across the roof of my car. I was parked at Echo lake and woke to the car moving around. Karma was alert and I saw a big black object hop down and wander off to the nearby dumpsters. Several days later I again woke, this time to the sound of Karma barking. I saw mr. black bear peering right into the window at me. I doubt he could see with the tint, but was clearly curious. I grabbed my camera, but Karma's barking scared him off before I could take a picture. Would have been a cool picture, but was definitely happy to see the bear scared off. Go Karma!

Paw print.

Some scratches on the window.


  1. So cool about the black bear. Scary, too!
    I've been working lots (trying to save up for a winter trip) but am excited to climb with you when you get here. When are you arriving in Squamish? Be sure to come by and say hi. If I'm not home it's because I'm at work or bouldering.

  2. Nice Paul! Boomerang looks great!