Friday, August 20, 2010


The coast of BC is an amazing landscape. Driving north on the Sea to Sky from Vancouver to Squamish is one of my favorite drives in North America. I made sure to time the drive during the daylight hours, which also works out with stopping in Vancouver for sushi... a must.

Sea to Sky highway in Squamish

The bouldering in Squamish is no less spectacular. Granite boulders fill the beautiful forest below the chief. Even on a hot day, the huge canopy blocks out most direct sunlight, creating a typically shady experience.

Baba Hari Dass v7/8

Photo Ben Nadler, 2009

Bouldering in Squamish is very movement oriented. Classic lines often have less to do with how they look, and more to do with how they climb. Often the climbing is very subtle, and at times involving something very unexpected or counter-intuitive.

Video still from Encore Une Fois

Squamish has strait-forward power climbing as well. No Troubles is a very good, and popular example of this. Lots of pinches and heal hooking out a steep roof on great rock. You can even lock in a perfect hand jam at the end.

No Troublems v9/10

Paul Nadler on No Troublems from Brock Jensen on Vimeo.

When I first arrived it was very hot (around 90F), but it is cooling off now. The colder temps will bring some great, and hopefully rain free days in the forest. I can't wait.

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